Instructor TBD
TR 11:00AM – 12:20PM

Whether designing a Holocaust and humanity museum or a middle-school curriculum, teaching about the Holocaust and genocide raises challenging and dynamic questions about the pedagogy of memory and meaning. How does one teach about the ultimate abuse of privilege and power for the purpose dehumanizing and lethal oppression? Determining the purpose of Holocaust education is at the heart of these questions and central to this course. Topics covered include appropriate and inappropriate Holocaust education; addressing misinformation; engaging with powerful emotions; teaching the Holocaust as the experience of Roma, disabled, homosexuals, and many others as well as Jews; the Holocaust and genocide; focusing primarily on the perpetrators or the survivors; teaching Jews and non-Jews; educating about the Holocaust and other genocides through different media such as fiction, film, graphic novel, witness testimony, online exhibits, historical documents, memoir and art; and age-appropriate education about the Holocaust and other genocides. This course examines current debates among educators about these and other issues. These debates are serious and challenging for the unspeakable horrors must be spoken, remembered, and taught. Students will also have the opportunity for experiential learning at the Holocaust and Humanity Center located in the nearby Cincinnati Museum Center and hear from guest speakers and local experts who tackle these issues on a regular basis.