Instructor: Alexis Morrisroe
TR 11:00AM – 12:20PM

This class explores how Holocaust education and the way we remember and memorialize the Holocaust and contemporary genocide has changed and evolved over time. We’ll discuss current debates and dilemmas in the field of Holocaust and Genocide studies.

Topics covered include uncovering the marginalized and hidden histories of the Holocaust; appropriate and inappropriate Holocaust pedagogy; media literacy and addressing misinformation; engaging with and managing powerful emotions; teaching the Holocaust as the experience of Roma, people with disabilities, homosexuals, and many others as well as Jews; teaching the Holocaust as part of a larger history of genocide; focusing primarily on the
perpetrators, collaborators or the survivors; educating about the Holocaust and other genocides through different media such as fiction, film, graphic novel, witness testimony, online exhibits, historical documents, memoir and art; intergenerational trauma; and the rise in upstander education.