001 Instructor: Hammond   MWF   10:10 AM-11:05 AM
002 Instructor: Griegel-McCord   TR   11:00 AM-12:20 PM 

Writing with Style is an upper-level writing course that will introduce students to style as a rhetorical concept. Pithy tips and rigid writing rules only scratch the surface of how writers can productively view style as a vital part of the composing process.

In this class, we will explore how style works to shape interactions between writer and reader, honing our skills as style analysts. Concurrently, we will also practice applying various stylistic techniques in our own writing to build a repertoire of stylistic skills and sensitivities upon which we can draw to serve multiple rhetorical

These two course goals – ANALYSIS and APPLICATION – work symbiotically: the more adept we are at analyzing style in existing texts, the more equipped we are to employ those stylistic devices in our own compositions; the more we personally experiment with different writing styles, the better we understand what is gained and/or lost with those choices.