001 Instructor:  Patterson  Online ASYNC
002 Instructor: Allison  TR 12:30 PM-1:50 PM
003 Instructor: Kemp  TR 2:00 PM-3:20 PM
004 Instructor: Allison  TR 3:30 PM-4:50 PM 
005 Instructor: Powell  Online ASYNC
006 Instructor: Powell  Online ASYNC
007 Instructor: Boehr  Online ASYNC
008 Instructor: Boehr  Online ASYNC
009 Instructor: Boehr  Online ASYNC
010 Instructor: Specter  Online ASYNC
011 Instructor: Specter  Online ASYNC
012 Instructor: Cole  Online ASYNC
013 Instructor: Frankel  Online ASYNC
014 Instructor: Boling  Online ASYNC                                                                                         015 Instructor: Walton Online ASYNC                                                                                          016 Instructor: Spada  Online ASYNC                                                                              
017 Instructor: Spada  Online ASYNC                                                                     
018 Instructor: George  Online ASYNC

ENGL 4092 will ready students for the kinds and purposes of professional writing they will do in their professional careers in technology, science, and engineering. Writing in these fields supports design processes, research studies, problem solving, and business transactions. In studying the theory and practice of writing in specialized environments, students will develop strategies for adjusting content, style, design, and delivery method to different rhetorical contexts. This course often operates as a writing intensive workshop where student participation is necessary and vital. This course is not a review of basic composition or grammar skills, although students will learn techniques for successful revising and editing.