001 Instructor: Kemp      TR 9:30 AM – 10:50 AM   Service Learning
002 Instructor: Hyland    TR 11:00 AM – 12:20 PM   Service Learning 

003 Instructor: Hyland    TR 3:30 PM – 4:50 PM   Service Learning

Behavioral scientists depend on their communication skills to interact productively with other scientists. In this course students will engage in a range of activities focusing on researching, writing, and sharing scientific information with these audiences.

Students will develop skills to research topics and write clear, accurate, and audience-appropriate content in APA style for specialized audiences. The course will include both individual and collaborative exercises and will require several writing and editing assignments, including one rewrite. We will read and dissect examples of good writing, in addition to examining several types of science writing. Students will also participate in a variety of speaking assignments, both impromptu and prepared presentations.