Instructor: Wilson
MW 10:10 PM – 11:05 PM HYBRID
Service Learning

Learning to use social media effectively is essential to being a productive professional and informed member of society in this digital age.

Students in this class will research careers, tools, and strategies related to social media management and take part in lively, semester-long discussions about the far-reaching effects of social media. Over the semester they will develop skills crucial to finding employment in marketing, public relations, website design, and other fields; participating in social action and activism via social media; interpreting and analyzing Online information and issues; and making ethical decisions about their personal social media feeds.

Through readings, primary and secondary research, writing, and discussion, students will assess and critique how social media are effective (or not), how different platforms cater to different audiences, and whether they achieve their purposes. In addition to analysis, students will participate in a semester-long Twitter discussion, develop and deliver a team-teaching day, and create a promotional video. For the service-learning component of the class, students will spend the semester developing a social media campaign for a company or organization of their choice. Projects will be client focused and include service learning projects for area non-profits or government agencies.