Instructor: Patterson MW 1:25PM – 2:20PM HYBRID

This course introduces students to the fundamental principles and practices of writing on topics related to environmental issues that intersect with social justice, economics, and public health, and to consider the influence of this type of writing on public opinion and policy. For example, how does writing for the public discourse, as well as for specialized discourses such as science journals, influence policy and outcomes on environmental issues at the local, national and global scale? Readings might include Aldo Leopald’s A Sand County Almanac, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, and John McPhee’s The Control of Nature. Students will likely also engage in active- and service-learning projects pertaining to preservation and engagement in local environmental issues. For instance, past projects have had students working on issues relating to Burnet Woods, the urban greenspace adjacent to UC’s campus. Students will produce a writing portfolio including a media release, brochure, opinion piece, and outreach materials, among other possible texts